Burrasca is a little magazine about architecture theory.
Every issue as an unique theme, layout and poster.Besides conventional articles, we encourage the submission of any kind of inventive material: photo-essays, illustrations or project drawings. Contributions are collected via a call for

Burrasca’s intent is to bring out the latent relationships between contributions. What we publish is the result of one year research on the theme widen trough the contribution of selected experts. We attach great importance to illustration, which we believe is a powerful means of communication.

Including contributions from Andrea Anselmo, Federica Antonucci, Maria Argenti, Gabriela Bilà, Marta Bogea, Debora Cazarini Neme, Daniele Di Fiore, Filippo Fanciotti, Jacopo Oliveri (Fatomale), Sara Favargiotti, Camilla Galizia, Alcinoo Giandinoto, Boris Hamzeian, Guillerme Lassance, Luigi Mandraccio, Carlo Occhipinti, Matilde Plastina, Jeannette Sordi.